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For The Perfect Balance Of Body And Soul

    All NEW LIFE SPA treatments are meticulously designed to take our guest to the height of the height of relaxation and relieve stress. Similarly, our spa packages let guests enjoy sets of spa treatments that suit their specific desire.

   The standardized massage technique make sure you experience NEW LIFE Spa’s original service everytime, every where by our certified therapist.

Awakening Package

  • A half-day indulgence of an unmatched spa experience.

  • Guests to starts the day with either a 90-minutes Hot Stone Massage goes further into the deep tissue level of the whole body.

  • The final 60-minutes Lotus Signature Facial Relaxation put an end to all stress as well as brighten facial skin. It’s perfect indulgence after a long week of strains at the office.

2.5 hours : 1,480,000đ ($64)

Heavenly Relax Package

  • A value combination of Foot Reflexology (45 minutes)

  • Relax Face Masage (15 minutes)

  • Vietnamese Massage with hot herbal compress (90 minutes) for guests who need a full break after a long day of activity, especially walking. The oil-free Vietnamese Massage helps Reinvigorate the body, while foot reflexology promotes oxygenation of all body tissue, both aiming to restore your energy for the rest of the day.

2.5 hours : 1,400,000đ ($61)

Full Spirit Invigorating Package

  • Similar to Body & Soul Package, the Full Spirit package lets our guest relax and revitalize the skin with 45-minute body wrap with mud

  • Followed by 60-minutes Swedish Massage.

  • She than finishes off with Facial Relaxation treatment (60 minute) . It’s wholesome renewal of from the outer-body to within, from head to toe.

2.45 hours : 1,900,000đ ($82)

Blooming Life Package

    Blooming Life package lets our guest relax and revitalize the skin with 60 minutes of Body Scrub or Body Wrap.

    Followed by a 60 minutes Aromatherapy Oil Massage.

    Next, the guest gets to relish with Soothing Massage that massage and gently exfoliate the facial skin of dead cells. It’s the salubrious renewal of the skin, our largest organ, from head to toes.

3 hours : 1.800.000đ ($78)

NEW LIFE Package 

    Only available at NEW LIFE SPA, this 3-hour deluxe package emphasizes on the relaxation of mind.

    The mixed herbal scent during the 30-minutes Thai Herbal Steam takes the guest away from stressful thoughts.

    The 90-minutes hot stone massage promotes deep tissue relaxation.

    The final 60-minutes Dr. Spiller 10-Step Facial Soothing Massage put an and to all stress as well as brighten facial skin. It’s a perfect indulgence after a long week of strains at the office.

3 hours : 2.200.000đ  ($95)

Pamper Youself Package

Hot Stone Massage 90min

Spa Manicure + Spa Pedicure


Approximately 3 hours 1.350.000đ ($58)

Relax & Rejuvenate Package

Aromatherapy Massage 60 min

Facial Anti-Aging Collagen 75 min

Spa Manicure + Spa Pedicure


Approximately 3 hours 1.950.000đ ($84)

The Mediterranean Shores Package

Spa Facial + Head, Neck, Shoulders

Spa Manicure + Spa Pedicure Gel Colour


Approximately 2 hours 1.660.000đ ($72)

Couples Aromatherapy Rest & Relaxation


( for two )

Aromatherapy Relaxational Massage 70min

Spa Pedicure OR Spa Manicure/ Paraffin


2.5 hours 2,980,000 đ ($129)

Couples Retreat Package

( for two )

Spa Lotus Signature Facial Treatment 70 min

Spa Pedicure OR Spa Manicure/ Paraffin


3.5 hours 3,600,000 ($155)

Day Dream Couples

    ( for two )

    With the Couple Day Dream package, not only you get to let loose and unwind inn a luxurious fashion, but you also get to strengthen your bond with your important one in this special occasion. It’s the experience that both will not easily forget.

  • Guests get to start the day with either a 60-minute body wrap or body scrub.

  • Followed by 60-minutes Dr.Spiller 10-Step Facial Soothing Massage treatment.

  • She then finishes off with a 90-minutes Aromatic Hot Stone Massage. Revitalization of the skin , the face, and the deep muscle tissues leaves makes you feel like having a fresh, new body, a privilege that only a few have experienced.

3 hours : 3.950.000đ ($171)

Mother & Daughter Escape Package

( for two )

  • Spa Facial

  • Spa Pedicure/Paraffin

  • Spa Menicure/paraffin

  • Refreshments

Approximately 3 hours 2,450,000đ ($106)

Mothers Day Package

( for two )

  • Gel spa Manicure

  • Gel Spa Pedicure

  • Aromatherap Massage 60min & Apply a relaxing herbal mask

  • Refreshments

Approximately 3 hours 2,590,000đ ($112)

Busy Womans Escape

  • Mini Facial

  • Express Manicure

  • Express Pedicure

  • Refreshments

Approximately 2 hours 1.250,000đ ($54)

Choose One Of Your Favorite Refresh Drink here

  • Special Tea Of New Life Spa

  • Mint Tea with honey  

  • Golden Peach

  • Cocktail

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